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Born 10.10.1972.

BS (Computer science) from Sofia University.

Participated in the 31st International Mathematical Olympiad in Beijing, China.

C++ expert. Boost contributor. Responsible for the shared_ptr, weak_ptr, mem_fn, bind, exception_ptr, atomic_thread_fence components of the C++11 standard.

CTO of Asynthetic. Developed Pdplayer.


Simple C++11 metaprogramming

Simple C++11 metaprogramming, part 2: vectors, maps, and sets

Recent C++ papers

P1077R0, Allowing Virtual Destructors to be "Trivial"

P1064R0, Allowing Virtual Function Calls in Constant Expressions

P0949R0, Adding support for type-based metaprogramming to the standard library (slides)

P0640R0, User-defined exception information and diagnostic information in exception objects

P0308R0, Valueless Variants Considered Harmful

Accepted C++ papers

P0674R1, Extending make_shared to Support Arrays

N3640, Extending shared_ptr to Support Arrays

N2752, Proposed Text for Bidirectional Fences, revision 1 (see N2633 and N2731 for context.)

N2674, Shared_ptr Atomic Access, revision 1

N2351, Improving shared_ptr for C++0x, revision 2

N2179, Language Support for Transporting Exceptions between Threads

Rejected C++ papers that should have been accepted

N2178, Proposed Text for Chapter 30, Thread Support Library [threads]

N1695, A Proposal to Make Pointers to Members Callable


Variant2, a C++14, never valueless, implementation of std::variant

Boost.Mp11, a C++11 metaprogramming library (formal proposal, slides)

Boost.SmartPtr (formal proposal)

Boost.Bind (formal proposal)

Boost.Mem_fn (formal proposal)


Boostdep, a tool for generating Boost dependency reports

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